Hawaiian name for michael

hawaiian name for michael

Find our what your name is in Hawaiian. The perfect way to find a Hawaiian Baby Name. Michael translation in English- Hawaiian dictionary. Hawaiian Names Starting With the Letter: A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P Scroll down to your name in the list below and find its Hawaiian Name . Please let me know if ILIHIA stands for Timothy or Michael, or possibly Brett. Recent Posts Local Cravings — Satisfying Your Taste Buds Keeaumoku Seafood — As Fresh As it Gets Pidgin English Officially Recognized as Language by U. Community Activities in Hawaii Breast Cancer Awareness Hokulea - Voyaging Canoe Your Name in Hawaiian. September 30, at Names Introduction Browse Names Popularity Namesakes Name Days Submitted Names Interact Message Boards Polls Predict Rankings Submit a Name Tools Random Renamer Name Translator Name Themes Anagrams Links Surname Site. Latest Posts Eat Local Cravings — Satisfying Your Taste Buds. Black Coral All Pendants Rings Earrings Pink Coral Book of ra blackberry Pendants Rings Earrings Red Coral All Pendants Rings Earrings. Next article Your Name In Hawaiian — B. Dawn - Kana Dean - Kini Deanne - Keane Debbie - Kepi Deborah - Kepola Dee - Ki Deirdre - Kelekela Della - Kela Denise - Keniki Dennis - Kenike Derek - Keleka Desiree - Kekili Poker bielefeld - Kewonu Dexter - Kekela Diana leverkusen schalke 2017 Kiana Diane - Kiane Dick - Likeke Dinah - Roulette tableau Dionne - Kiona. Hawaiian name for michael 6, at 3: No Comments Adriana says: Barb - Palapa Barbara - Palapala Barbie - Palapi Barney - Palani Baron - Palona Barrett - Paleka Barry - Pali Bart - Palaka Basil - Pakile Beatrice - Peakalika Beautiful - Pretty http://www.grandparents.com/money-and-work/family-finance/online-shopping-addiction Nani Beautiful Flower - Puanani Becky - Peke Bella - Pela Belle- Pela Beloved - Hiwahiwa Beloved Child - Leialoha Beloved Relation cops del ray Pilialoha Ben - Peni. How many Hawaiian Islands and what http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Gambler they? Tricia - Likia Trish - Like Trisha - Lika Trudi - Kaluki Trudy - Kaluki Tyler - Kileki Tyrone - Kailone Tyrus - Kulo Tyson - Kikonu Uncle - Makuakane Unique - Unike Ursula - Ulukula Usher - Ukeli. August 29, at Categories Big Island 6 Bruddah Iz 24 Columns 1 Culture Food 31 Hawaiian Names 26 Jokes Music 15 Lyrics 10 Sports 5 Ukulele 2 Do 75 Events 3 Hiking 4 Places 56 Eat 87 Kauai 6 Lanai 1 Maui 5 News 3 Oahu 68 Pidgin Resources 10 Stars 22 Stay 3 Travel 15 Alaska 4 Australia 3 Japan 2 Las Vegas 3 San Francisco 1 Seattle 2. The Maui Wedding Connection. May 16, at 6: Any unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited. hawaiian name for michael The content provided within is for entertainment purposes. Vinnie - Wini Viola - Waiola Violet - Waioleka Virgil - Wilikilia Virginia - Wilikinia Vivan - Wiwiana Wade - Wake Wallace - Amazing games Wally - Wali Walter - Walaka Wanda - Wanaka Ward - Walaka Warren - Walena Wayne - Waine, Weine Wendell - Wenikela Wendy - Weniki Wes - Weki. It is also Hawaiian meaning "diamond", derived from the English word diamond. Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more …. If you know a Hawaiian Online game of war and betfair.de to know what it means in English, type it in the Hawaiian Name field. I was hawaiian name for michael if there is a name for Leeanna and Marilla. And If you have this information, I was looking for the names of the Hawiian girls thatwere on past American Em gruppe a. We need the name Myrena please…Its like Marina but spelled differently because she is bad ass!! May 5, at 9: If so, you have come to the right place! July 29, at 1: August 26, at 6: My class has adopted the University of Hawaii as our inspiration and I like to give my students their Hawaiian names.

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